History and renovation

  • 1875 r.
    First foundation was placed.
  • 1881 r.
    Construction starts according to the design of one of the most renowned architects in Krakow, Maciej Oraczewski.
  • 1884 r.
    Opening of the Guest Manor. At that time, it had an imposing ballroom and galleries for the public and musicians. Next to it were a theatre, a restaurant, a pastry shop, a recital hall and also the atelier of Awit Schubert.
  • 1909 r.
    Count Adam Stadnicki buys the Guest Manor from the Academy of Learning. For decades it stood as the cultural centre of the Pieniny region. Hosted famous Polish and European artists, such as Helena Modrzejewska, Mieczyslaw Frenkiel, Aleksander Zelwerowicz, Ludwik Solski, Stefan Jaracz.
  • 1962 r.
    Guest Manor is completely burnt down by fire.
  • 2005 r.
    Polish government returns the Szczawnica Spa Resort to the descendants of its pre-war owners. Andrzej Mankowski, grandson of Count Adam Stadnicki, and his three children decided to invest the requisite funds and a considerable amount of work to restore the Manor former shine and splendor.
  • Interesting fact:As we didn’t have any construction plan, we started our work with an old postcard, which presented the Guest Manor and a man standing in front. We assumed that this man was about 180 cm tall and on this basis we estimated the elements and dimensions of the building.
    2008 r.
    Reconstruction of the Manor begins according to its prototype, basing on the old photographs.
  • 2009 r.
    Finishing works in Guest Manor are underway
  • 2011 r.
    Opening of a modern and timeless building.
  • Obecnie
    The Guest Manor is now a multifunctional cultural & business center. Thanks to its fully operational facilities, it can host business meetings, seminars, conferences and congresses, but can also be rent for exceptional private events. Combining the most innovative multimedia, lighting and sound systems, the building will fit to the most demanding and complex demands.

Park Górny 7, 34-460 Szczawnica

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