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Thermaleo is a family company established in 2004. The main areas of its operations focus on the tourism, gastronomy and leisure and health sectors. Through the foundation Andrzej Mankowski, extensive activities in the area of art patronage and promotion of the local heritage also feature prominently on its agenda.

The company was established as a result of the process of reprivatisation of the Państwowe Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowisko Szczawnica [The Szczawnica Spa State-Owned Enterprise]. As a result of several years of endeavours of Count Adam Stadnicki's heirs, Thermaleo became the main stockholder of the company Uzdrowisko Szczawnica S.A. Since then, Thermaleo has been actively involved in the revitalisation of the Pieniny health resort – the activity which has so far yielded results in the form of numerous projects and investments realised in Szczawnica and its vicinity.

The year 2008 saw the inauguration of one of the company's first projects, that is the reopening of the Mineral Water Pump-Room and the art gallery in Plac Dietla. Cafe Helenka, given into use in the same year was Thermaleo's next investment. The cafe is a discreet combination of traditional architecture and modern stylisation. Guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine and deserts famed all over Poland.

One of Thermaleo's main projects is a long-term and very extensive project of expansion of Szczawnica. The realisations completed within its frames so far include the 2009 opening of the Modrzewie Park Hotel 5*, the Chapel, renovations of major sculptures in the parks, the opening of the museum Uzdrowisko in 2010 as well as the renovation and returning into use in 2011 of the Dworek Goscinny Manor – Szczawnica's multicultural center. In cooperation with the authorities of the Town of Szczawnica and with the use of European subsidies, the company carried out, in 2012, the revitalisation of Park Dolny and Górny [Lower and Upper Park].

Further investments are awaiting realisation. The Mańkowski family is planning an overhaul and modernisation of the Zakład Przyrodoleczniczy [Natural Therapy Facility] and Sanatorium Hutnik, Sanatorium Papiernik and further buildings and shops.

Dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to quality, attention to architectural design, tailored service and maximum reliability are the guiding values of our company. The knowledge of our teams, both in development and health sectors, ensure the quality and the appreciation of our confort and services.

May it be for professional, health, touristic reasons, the Group teams will cater to your every needs and propose you a new experience of living.

Park Górny 7, 34-460 Szczawnica

+48 519 067 680

+48 18 540 04 44


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